We connect with like-minded professionals from across our
multiple global offices.

To our prospective Corporate Partners,

Someone important to me once told me:

You have a gift. Be relevant. Make a difference.

I was a teenager and these words were pronounced in a delicate situation.
I promised I would. These words literally changed my life.

Be relevant. Make a difference.

I became a structural engineer and I decided that my job would have been a way to honor the covenant.

I was lucky to find great people to share this journey with.

We started up our own business and, despite the economic downturn, we built a consulting engineering
firm with a portfolio of more than a billion euros in 36 countries and with proprietary cutting edge
technologies in the construction field.
Throughout the years we built a dynamic, innovative and accountable firm known for being able to deliver
remarkable projects of any kind, size, and complexity.

Our vision is to build a network of like-minded people who share knowledge and foster cooperation
on a global scale.

We help our Corporate Partners to grow their business by sharing our tools and know how, involving
them in our projects and, most importantly, in gaining prestige by being part of a reputable group with
an extraordinary background.

We are currently looking for Corporate Partners in Europe, Australasia, and the US.

If you have a business and you strive for standing out from the crowd, this is your chance.

Be relevant. Make a difference.

Get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Fabio Parodi
Founding Director